DevCheats : A Space for Devs, By Devs

DevCheats : A Space for Devs, By Devs

I got tired of forgetting all of my favorite resources, so I'm building a social media site for developers.

There is no shortage of information for developers out there. There are millions of hours of free and paid courses, tutorials, blogs, books, open source code snippets and more. The problem has never been a lack of information, it's been the management of information.

I've tried everything. I've used Notion and Obsidian, I've kept dozens of pages open in my browser in a "ToRead" tab, I've used bookmarks folders and text lists... but I still lose my favorite developer resources over and over again. Most of my developer friends and colleagues have said the same. We've all found that magical StackOverflow answer corrects an issue in some niche Rust library, only to lose it the moment we need it.

This became such a problem that I decided I would create an information management site for developer cheat sheets, code snippets, blogs, GPT prompts and more:

Part Personal Knowledge Management, Part Social Media Site

DevCheatSheets is going to be a place where you can manage all of your favorite resources, search them and more, but it's also going to be a place where you can share those resources with others, discover resources relevant to your interests and contribute to others' resources yourself. It's a place for collaboration between developers, a place to grow and a place to push software development forward.

DevCheatSheets is in development right now. You can visit to sign up for the wait list, get weekly updates on development and more!